About New Century Health

New Century Health is a national cancer and cardiology care management company that provides innovative solutions to ensure the highest healthcare quality. Our value-based technology platform combined with specialist-to-specialist physician consultation enables patients, payers and physicians to benefit from the selection of evidence-based, cost-effective therapies. We partner with payers and a growing provider network of over 8,000 physicians to deliver specialty care services to more than 9 million covered lives managed by Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial and ASO payers

Company Background

Almost 15 years ago, NCH Management Systems, Inc. doing business as New Century Health set out to make a significant impact on healthcare by giving physicians better clinical support and reducing payers’ costs. We continue to achieve and advance these goals by collaborating with payers and physicians in implementing comprehensive clinical quality management programs for very complex diseases.

As a URAC Health Utilization Management accredited company and licensed third-party administrator, we offer comprehensive quality management and cost management solutions in 39 states. Our scope-of-service begins prior to a patient’s therapy and leverages our expertise in specialty physician management, claims management and provider reimbursement. New Century Health offers a range of effective quality and cost management tools that payers, oncologists and cardiologists need for achieving success in a value based environment. These services reflect our experience in delivering:

  • Effective risk management-based programs

  • Demonstrated clinical quality improvement

  • Lower Treatment Costs

  • Reduced provider practice administrative burden

What Makes Us Different

New Century Health provides value-added results for our clients by integrating advanced technological solutions with clinical insight and innovative management strategies. Examples of what distinguishes us from utilization management companies and pathway vendors includes:

Differentiator Why It Matters
Physician Collaboration Our experience in provider network development, engagement, and ongoing support strengthens the partnership of physician practices with health plans in delivering high quality, cost-effective medicine.
Clinical Expertise An unparalleled breadth and depth of clinical staff drives deployment of the next generation of oncology and cardiology care delivery models.
Scalable Clinical IT Platform New Century Health’s platform meets provider and payers needs for custom or unique requirements.
National Experience Our strategic approach of aligning the clinical and financial objectives of payers, providers and patients works in diverse markets with varied specialty care delivery characteristics. We are licensed or permitted for utilization management in all 50 states
Risk Management Capability Clients realize the clinical and financial benefits of our successful experience of over ten years of risk-based specialty care management agreements with payers and risk bearing providers.

Strategic Alliances

New Century Health is teaming with leading healthcare organizations to improve healthcare quality and provider and patient satisfaction while controlling costs.

Partner Strategic Focus
National Comprehensive Cancer Network New Century Health is an official licensee of the NCCN Drugs & Biologics Compendium™. NCCN supports the development and widespread use of the NCCN Compendium™ and has collaborated with New Century Health for communication of this important information.