High-Value Clinical Pathways Help Illinois Cancer Practice Reduce Drug Spend

Cost savings equate to about $250,000 per medical oncologist over 15 months. 


There's a prevailing belief in oncology that physicians have no power to slow the upward trajectory of drug spend. But New Century Health (NCH) and a community oncology practice explain in a recent journal article how it's possible.        

By marrying NCH's high-value clinical pathways with regular, data-driven discussions about costs and outcomes, Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois (CCSI) reduced its median drug spend by 13.5% as compared to other practices participating in the Oncology Care Model. The cost savings equate to about $3.5 million, or about $250,000 per medical oncologist, over 15 months. Meanwhile, adherence to clinical pathways increased from a baseline of 69% to 81%.

Experts from NCH and CCSI describe their efforts in the May 2020 issue of JCO Oncology Practice:

Learn more about this study:

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