Episode 5: Will COVID-19 Change What Is Considered Appropriate Use in Cardiology?

Every day, cardiologists make decisions about what is the most appropriate test, therapy, or procedure for their patients. But then COVID-19 came along. Have the rules of the game changed?

In this episode, NCH Senior Medical Director of Cardiology Dr. Fernando Villacian discusses this important topic with two cardiologists who are not only treating individuals, but also reviewing clinical guidelines in response to COVID-19 and developing new policies in their hospitals: Dr. Nihar Desai, Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Chief of the Section of Cardiovascular Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine and Medical Director for Value Innovation at the Yale New Haven Health System, and Dr. Ileana Piña, Clinical Professor at Central Michigan University and past chair of the American Heart Association’s Council on Clinical Cardiology.


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