From Utilization Management to Comprehensive Condition Management: Your Journey to Value-Based, Specialty Care Starts Here.

Payers partner with New Century Health to drive quality and cost improvement in the highest-cost, most complex specialties. Our whole-person, outcomes-based approach delivers consistent value that comes with our commitment to member care, and physician satisfaction.


The pace of innovation in cancer care is staggering, as are the increases in treatment costs for payers and patients. New Century Health sifts through the noise to empower oncologists with the latest peer-reviewed evidence at their fingertips, direct access to our in-house team of clinical experts and data scientists, and value-based contracts that align economics.


With heart disease affecting nearly one out of every three adults, delivering high-quality cardiovascular care is more important than ever. We develop high-performing cardiology networks, supporting physicians with streamlined workflows for instant treatment authorization, point-of-care decision guidance that incorporates appropriate use criteria, and incentives that reduce unnecessary diagnostics and preventable hospitalizations.

Person having their knee worked on by a therapist.

MSK represents one-sixth of all U.S. healthcare spending and is the top cost driver at nearly $600 billion annually in healthcare costs and lost productivity. With our MSK solution, health plans can leverage clinical expertise to reduce unwarranted variations in care, minimize avoidable MSK costs, and curtail unnecessary surgery and member discomfort.

Doctor looking at patient scan.

As many as 50% of imaging procedures ordered fail to provide information that improves patients’ welfare. Still, rates of advanced imaging procedures continue to rise—increasing costs and exposing consumers to excessive radiation. With our advanced imaging solution, we help ensure that imaging studies are appropriate and medically necessary, which reduces costs and minimizes unnecessary radiation exposure.

Person doing physical therapy with a specialist.

Rehabilitation services are estimated to be a $56 billion industry, with the outpatient therapy market expected to reach nearly $36 billion by 2024. We take a comprehensive approach to managing chiropractic, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services in a variety of settings.

While more than 80% of patients say they wish to avoid hospitalization and intensive care at the end of life, those preferences are often unknown or not followed. We provide collaborative decision-making and advance care planning support for members through a suite of telehealth and digital solutions. These services empower patients and their families to ensure their care is aligned with their wishes—now and when it matters most.

Person working with pipette and test tubes in a lab.

Genetic testing has changed dramatically and continues to evolve as additional delivery models and markets are explored. Due to the volume of orderable tests available, coding variability and increasingly complex medical policies, the effort required to manage genetic testing can be overwhelming. Our genetic testing solution addresses the variation and complexity, making the process more efficient and cost effective.

Person being fitted with probes to go through a sleep test.

Affecting approximately 25 million Americans, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common sleep-related breathing disorder in the United States. Unfortunately, most cases are undiagnosed. But by connecting members to the right test at the right time, our Sleep Health Solution helps diagnose obstructive sleep apnea and provides actionable insights on utilization, trends and costs.

Cancer Care Costs Everyone Too Much. Here’s How We Fix It.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andrew Hertler demonstrates how clinical pathways improve patient outcomes while decreasing waste and cost.

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“New Century Health is a great partner for us. Working together over the last couple of years, we’ve seen cost savings and better pathway utilization in our large health systems, which results in better care for our patients.”

Dr. Samir Dalia
Oncologist and Hematologist, Mercy