Bend the Oncology Cost Curve

Oncology is a complex and rapidly changing health care specialty. For nearly two decades, New Century Health has provided peace of mind to payers by taking clinical and financial accountability for total oncology spending. Our Precision Pathways℠ incorporate the latest science and innovative new therapies as determined by an independent scientific advisory board of leading academic and community oncologists. Our clinical depth and physician empowerment model create an ecosystem of trust and support around oncologists, resulting in guaranteed sustained savings.

Physician Empowerment, Not Exasperation

Physician Empowerment, Not Exasperation

With peer-led clinical collaboration, streamlined auto-approval of evidence-based pathways, and a quality-first approach focused on the whole patient, it’s no wonder we have an industry-leading net promoter score across participating practices. New Century Health offers a full range of clinical support and quality analytics to empower physicians including:

  • Dynamic treatment recommendations at the point of care, tailored to each unique patient
  • Peer-to-peer access to leading oncologists with underlying expertise from our scientific advisory board of cancer experts
  • Robust clinical and financial benchmarking using our proprietary platform data, representing performance from over half of all oncologists nationwide
Aligned Financial Incentives

Aligned Financial Incentives

Through delegated risk agreements, New Century Health takes full clinical and financial accountability for oncology spending so you can focus on tackling your other health care challenges. We lead the way in implementing strategies that support high-value care, mitigate inherent oncology cost volatility, and lead to substantial guaranteed savings. We support a spectrum of effective and scalable financial incentives that:

  • Reduce immediate and ongoing costs for payers in one of the highest cost specialty care areas
  • Drive adoption of our Precision Pathways℠ that encourage higher quality care at the same or lower cost
  • Empower specialists to move toward value-based reimbursement at a comfortable pace
Unparalleled Clinical Depth

Unparalleled Clinical Depth

Clinical pathways without clinical oversight won’t move the needle on cost or quality. Our extended team of clinical experts and analysts are constantly combing compendia, evaluating evidence and benchmarking performance across our nationwide network to hone how we support oncologists to drive better outcomes. Working closely with our payer clients, New Century Health develops team-oriented specialist networks that:

  • Champion higher quality, evidence-based care in their practices and across the network
  • Collaborate with our best-in-class, integrated care team of oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, and data scientists
  • Leverage the latest precision medicine technologies in our point-of-care tool including genomic uploading and dynamic individualized treatment options

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