Tackling the Total Cost of Care

Nearly one third of adults are affected by heart disease and rely on their cardiologists for cost-effective, evidence-based cardiovascular care. Since 2002, New Century Health’s delegated-risk cardiology program has effectively supported payers in reining in costs and increasing care quality. We offer cardiologists point-of-care guidance and automatic pre-approvals that promote the use of evidence-based protocols, and value-based physician reimbursement models that align incentives to significantly reduce unnecessary diagnostics and preventable hospitalizations.

Health Plans Need a Comprehensive Strategy.

Overuse, misuse and underuse of cardiovascular services are three distinct problems, and yet traditional health plan approaches have relied on one remedy for them all—denying requested services through utilization management. Our new insight brief to explores the components of a comprehensive strategy to tackle all three of these challenges without alienating providers.

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