Understand Your Opportunity. Mitigate the Risk.

New Century Health’s comprehensive partnership uniquely supports providers in the new risk-based environment of the CMS Oncology Care Model. With a proven track record of savings and performance-based fees contingent on your practice’s success, we help you understand your opportunity in OCM and mitigate downside risk so providers can focus on what’s really important: the patient.

Protect Against Risk and Volatility

Protect Against Risk and Volatility

With nearly two decades of successful risk sharing experience within oncology, New Century Health understands the impacts of volatility in OCM and how to mitigate against significant downside risk. Our unique performance-based partnerships support collaboration and mutual success and protect your cancer center’s risk exposure in the new two-sided model.

Extended Team of OCM Experts

Extended Team of OCM Experts

Advanced risk contracts with CMS can be complicated. Our provider partners can rely on New Century Health’s OCM team of oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, analysts, statisticians and market and policy experts for the most up-to-date, comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead for cancer centers in the OCM model—today and in the future.

Clinical, Analytical and Consultative Guidance

Clinical, Analytical and Consultative Guidance

Don’t go it alone in OCM. With New Century Health, you tap into a suite of proven clinical pathways to enable provider success in risk-based environments and a track record of reducing drug spend without compromising quality. Leverage this experience and deep understanding of advanced payment models to drive success in OCM with your practice.

Partnership And Pathways Drive Success In The OCM

Dr. James Lloyd Wade III describes the experience of CCSI in the OCM and how a partnership with New Century Health positioned them for success through ongoing, real-time analytics and evidence-based clinical pathways.

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New Century Health can help you prepare for two-sided risk in OCM. Contact us today for your free volatility assessment.

    CMS Oncology Care Model Program Details

    • Starting in July 2019, all OCM participants have the opportunity to enter into two-sided risk, which could enhance their savings potential but also expose them to downside risk.

    • Practices that haven’t achieved savings will be required to enter into two-sided risk or drop out of the OCM program in January 2020.

    • The CMS Oncology Care Model program is ending December 31, 2021.

    • The two-sided risk OCM program qualifies as an Advanced Alternative Payment Model (APM), so participating providers can be exempted from the reporting requirements associated with MIPS.